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A clinical pathway is a multidisciplinary management tool based on evidence-based practice for a specific group of patients, in which the different interventions by the professionals involved in the patient care are defined, optimized and sequenced; outcomes are tied to specific interventions.


An evidence-based clinical pathway in neurorehabilitation provides recommendations for a clinical situation across various possible therapeutic options. It not only makes suggestions regarding a singular aspect, but put the various therapeutic aspects into perspective. It would be based on a systematic review of the pertaining literature including clinical trials and systematic reviews.


A clinical pathway and its content of summarized evidence serve a representative function: It is meant to collate the relevant evidence for a specific neurorehabilitation topic systematically and thereby to describe an objective state of the art.
In addition to this representative function, the pathway and its content serve also an argumentative function: the relevant knowledge for clinical decision making is made transparent by means of critical appraisal and judgment of the available body of evidence.


This web site intends to act as a platform for the free-of-charge distribution of up to date information for clinical practice in neurorehabilitation.
Both abstracts of recent (randomised controlled) clinical trials and systematic reviews and commentaries are made available to the interested rehabilitation community throughout the world. This is done by internet presentation and an email-based news service.


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